Punter - a passive domain hunter.

Punter – a passive domain hunter.

Punter is A quick little python script I wrote to take DNS Dumpster and WHOIS data and run a reverse whois on results. A HTML report is generated with results, just double click and open it.
Plans are to add shodan scanning for each resolved IP using the Shodan API (see todo at bottom)

+ Python 2.7.x & 3.4.x

アu刀イ乇尺 = アム丂丂ノ√乇 んu刀イ乇尺

+ Enable Cloudflare check (see https://github.com/m0rtem/CloudFail/blob/master/cloudfail.py)
+ Use Crimeflare to find real IP
+ Use ping and curl API to test if host is up
+ Enable Shodan scanning for each IP
+ Grab html of site/headers using another service


Source: https://github.com/nethunteros