PT2 Security Testing Tool - Security assessment of power systems.

PT2 Security Testing Tool – Security assessment of power systems.



The Penetration Testing Toolkit (The PT2) is a software tool to aid end users in the security assessment of power systems sector specific embedded devices. The PT2 provides the end user with a centralized interface for managing and executing penetration test activities. The PT2 gives the end user the ability to execute the full range of penetration test activities such as: script execution, data collection, data analysis, traffic injection, and fuzzing. Additionally, the PT2 provides access to a variety freely available open source security penetration testing tools in an easy to use interface. The benefit of this approach is that it minimizes the amount of setup required in order to execute a penetration test. In this initial release of the software, support for the OpenADR 2.0a protocol has been provided. The OpenADR 2.0a protocol is an XML based HTTP protocol, therefore, the toolkit may also be utilized to test protocols which are similar in structure to the OpenADR protocol.

Values and benefits provided by the PT2 are that it provides:
• A power systems sector specific tool for performing penetration testing.
• A tool targeting power systems specific protocols.
• A unified interface for performing multiple penetration testing activities

Operating System Prerequisites:
• Ubuntu Linux 14.04
• Kali Linux
• Windows Vista/7/8

Software Prerequisites:

Software Prerequisites

Example Software Prerequisites and Path For Windows

• Java SE JRE 6u45
• Apache Maven 2.2.1 build system
• Apache Ant 1.9 build system
• Winpcap (for Windows)
• Libpcap (for Linux)
• Redsocks (for Linux)

Building On WIndows

Building On WIndows

Installing Prequisites:

Download and Build itself from Source : (3.5 MB)