Proxyp Beta released : Multithreaded Proxy Enumeration Utility.

Proxyp is a small multithreaded Perl script written to enumerate latency, port numbers, server names, & geolocations of proxy IP addresses.

This script started as a way to speed up use of proxychains, which is why I’ve added an append option for resulting live IP addresses to be placed at the end of a file if need be.



  • multithreaded
  • crawl websites or files
  • sorted response time
  • port & server enumeration
  • output truncate/append
  • geolocation
  • under 210 lines
  • ~6kb
  • Features
  • Muli-platform support (by Java VM)
  • Several hashing algorithms supported
  • Flexible chained hashes decryption (like MD5(SHA1(MD5())))
  • Both brute force and dictionary decryption methods supported
  • Build-In rule pre-processor for dictionary decryption
  • Multi-threading support

By default ‘Proxyp’ will list out every IP in a file or website with only a target specified with -f or -i. To evaluate each address use -e. live addresses are sorted by response time from ICMP echo pings to gauge latency, the -d or duration switch can be used to alter results. To see responses in real time use verbosity with -v or -x switches. furthermore you can output live addresses to file or append, to say, /etc/proxychains.conf

There are some sites, for instance, like that bury their displayed ip addresses in Javascript. For sites like these, just highlight the entire page and copy paste to a txt file on your desktop, you can then crawl that file like any other with ‘-f path’

‘-z’ flag feature is somewhat of a hack, syn scanning of a pool of ip/ports as well as banner grabbing is involved
this may be against certian laws of certian countries, if you want to play it safe just exclude ‘-z’

There is only one dependancy, that is IP::Country, this Perl module must be installed for geolocation by country.

install methods

* perl -MCPAN -e ‘install IP::Country’

* cpanm -i IP::Country

* cpan
install IP::Country

for users new to linux, remember to ‘sudo chmod +x’ and execute ‘sudo ./’ to run


*crawl and output all ip’s in a file*
sudo ./ -f Desktop/file.txt

*crawl and output all ip’s on a website, return only proxies that are faster than 0.1 seconds*
sudo ./ -i -d 0.1


*enumerate all ip’s in a file and watch only live addresses in real time from russia only*
sudo ./ -f Desktop/file.txt -evc RU

*enumerate all ip’s on a website and watch real time*
sudo ./ -i -ex


*enumerate all ip’s in a file, watch only live addresses in real time, append to proxychains.conf*
sudo ./ -f Desktop/file.txt -eva /etc/proxychains.conf

*deep enumeration on all ip’s on a website, watch real time, speed things up with 20 threads*
sudo ./ -i -ezxt 20


Download : (6.3 kB) 
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sources : Proxyp