Protein - Powershell Anti Ransomware.

Protein – Powershell Anti Ransomware.

PROTEIN – PROTEct your INformation
+ PROTEIN captures the action of creation new files, analyzing them and determining whether they are valid or not for the corporation.
+ PROTEIN Identifies known files (whitelist), potential threats (blacklist) likewise unknown files for further processing.
+ PROTEIN logs every creation action on files on your server.
+ Possibility to email alerts to an administrator when a new ransomware is detected.
+ PROTEIN alerts, via messagebox on the user’s computer, when a new ransomware is detected.
+ PROTEIN disables domain’s user affected by the ransomware, preventing the access to the repository by the ransomware or other critical system objects.
+ PROTEIN disables the NIC on the user’s computer affected by the ransomware, to block the access to the network.

Powershell Anti-Ransomware

Powershell Anti-Ransomware

– Run this script as an administrator to control computers and domain users remotely.