Project Vaccine – worlds first antimalware software which spreads like a malware.

Worlds first antimalware software which removes a specific set of viruses from the entire cyberspace.Unlike all the other antimalware software’s vaccine is an opensource program,uses virus mode of spreading to accomplish the aim,is free of cost and doesnt affect the computer performance.

Platform : Windows

1. usb disk security
2. automated virus/malware removal from usb drives
3. disinfection of specific types virus/worms/adware/malware/trojans from the computer
4. restrictions removal.
5. complete protection from viruses spreaded via usb disks.
6. Works on all versions of windows (32/64).

You are seeing this window because vaccine is installed in your computer.To uninstall vaccine go to systemroot and navigate to Programfiles folder and delete vaccine.
Other antiviruses may identify vaccine as a virus/trojan. it is only a false positive as autoit scripts use UPX .Vaccine uses autorun method of spreading technique,where autorun files are always detected as viruses/ can remove this feature by modifying the source and recompiling it.
You can pause the USB Protector by clicking on its icon on the taskbar..

1. How to use Vaccine with stuborn infections..?
Ans. When windows boots up press F5 or F8 and take the option ‘safemode with networking’ and take cmd and navigate to the directory vaccine is and enter the command ‘vaccine_v1.0.exe -e’ doing this proceedure two to three times would cripple almost any malware that is running on your computer.

malware definitions:

WinTrojan:Win32/Damec!cg virus
VirTool:Win32(all variants 8 types)
child porn virus
newfolder.exe virus
Funny UST scandal.exe virus
antivirus 2012
antispyware 2012

Download : vaccine_v1.0.exe (407.8 kB)
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