Process Hacker

Process Hacker is a free and open source process viewer. This multi-purpose tool will assist you with debugging, malware detection and system monitoring. It includes powerful process termination, memory viewing/editing and other unique and specialized features.

Platform :Windows

A very incomplete feature list for Process Hacker 2:

Processes :
• View processes in a tree view with highlighting
• View detailed process statistics and performance graphs
• Process tooltips are detailed and show context-specific information
• Select multiple processes and terminate, suspend or resume them
• (32-bit only) Bypass almost all forms of process protection
• Restart processes
• Empty the working set of processes
• Set affinity, priority and virtualization
• Create process dumps
• Use over a dozen methods to terminate processes
• Detach processes from debuggers
• View process heaps
• View GDI handles
• Inject DLLs
• View DEP status, and even enable/disable DEP
• View environment variables
• View and edit process security descriptors
• View image properties such as imports and exports

• View thread start addresses and stacks with symbols
• Threads are highlighted if suspended, or are GUI threads
• Select multiple threads and terminate, suspend or resume them
• Force terminate threads
• View TEB addresses and view TEB contents
• (32-bit only) Find out what a thread is doing, and what objects it is waiting on
• View and edit thread security descriptors

• View full token details, including user, owner, primary group, session ID, elevation status, and more
• View token groups
• View privileges and even enable, disable or remove them
• View and edit token security descriptors

• View modules and mapped files in one list
• Unload DLLs
• View file properties and open them in Windows Explorer

Memory :
• View a virtual memory list
• Read and modify memory using a hex editor
• Dump memory to a file
• Free or decommit memory
• Scan for strings

• View process handles, complete with highlighting for attributes
• Search for handles (and DLLs and mapped files)
• Close handles
• (32-bit only) Set handle attributes – Protected and Inherit
• Granted access of handles can be viewed symbolically instead of plain hex numbers
• View detailed object properties when supported
• View and edit object security descriptors

Services :
• View a list of all services
• Create services
• View a list of network connections
• Close network connections
• Use tools such as whois, traceroute and ping

Download Current version : processhacker-2.27-setup.exe (1.8 MB)
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