powershell: post-exploitation – DomainEnum module v.0.0.6 released.

The DomainEnum module is intended to support post-exploitation activities from within the user context on the target domain. It will enumerate domain computers, servers, users, emails, groups, group membership(s), sites, subnets, and subnets per site and save the results to one or more files. Whenever possible it will also enumerate computers, servers, users, groups, and group membership per OU. It’s really intended to establish situational awareness once you drop onto “patient 0” and set you up to make the most of who you pivot to.

This module was created and tested with:
– Windows Powershell 2.0
– Windows 7 Professional SP1
– Create the following directory structure %USERPROFILE%\documents\windowspowershell\modules\DomainEnum
– Load the contents of the ‘DomainEnum’ directory into the new directory
– Open terminal
– Type
>powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass –
PS>import-module DomainEnum
PS>get-command -module DomainEnum
– All output will be posted to C:\Users\Public\


– Get-Pedigree returns baseline information from the target host (patient 0)
– Get-Computer returns all computers in the current domain
– Get-DC returns the DCs and PDC for the current domain
– Get-Group returns all groups in the current domain
– Get-GroupUser returns all users in each group for the current domain
– Get-Server returns all servers in the current domain
– Get-User returns all users in the current domain
– Get-OU returns all OUs in the current domain
– Get-OUUser returns all users for each OU in the current domain
– Get-OUServer returns all servers for each OU in the current domain
– Get-OUGroup returns all groups for each OU in the current domain
– Get-OUComputer returns all computers for each OU in the current domain
– Get-SiteServer returns all servers for each site in the current domain
– Get-SiteSubnet returns all subnets for each site in the current domain
– Get-Email returns all email for each user in the current domain
– Get-DomainDump returns all data from all functions

Download: Master.zip  | Clone Url
Source: https://github.com/pjhartlieb