Portable Linux v.1.1 – Experiments in virtualization, cloud and remote computing.

Portable Linux v.1.1 is a minimalist network and security oriented desktop package using a hybrid of XFCE and LXDE desktop environments. It is meant to be a starting point for creating more complex, custom server or desktop images. Please be sure to properly test and configure before using in a production environment to meet compliance requirements.

The desktop package includes bleachbit, cairo-dock, epdfviewer, galculator, gpicview, leafpad, lxmusic, lxterminal, orage calendar, openbox, putty, thunar, pcmanfm, qemu-kvm (openwrt), tiger, synaptic package manager, wicd-gtk seamonkey, xarchiver and miscellaneous desktop utilities.

Security, forensic and network discovery utilities include (but are not limited to) 6tunnel, aircrack-ng, batmand, flowscan, gogoc, hunter, privoxy, pyrit, rkhunter, rsyncrypto, rtkit, schroot, secure-delete, snowdrop, socat, squashfs-tools, subnetcalc, tiger, tor and more.

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