Port Groper – Beta – Platform independent DoS network testing tool

Port Groper is an open source port overloading tool re-written in Java.
Port Groper can be used to test a wide range of network administration capabilities.

Typical Port Groper Usage:
1. Can be used to benchmark firewalls for IP banning of DoS attacks to a specific port.
2. Can be used to distort website tracking information (such as Google Analytics).
3. Can be used to distort web-page hits (or hits per day).
4. Can bring down single (non clustered, or poorly clustered) servers.

While Port Groper can be used for DoS attacks; I hold absolutely no responsibility or liability for those that use this tool in such a way.

Port Groper v2 has support for Java 1.6 and Java 1.7. I have only tested PG on Windows 7 x64 with Java 1.7. If there are any issues please check the wiki or download the NetBeans source and recompile.

Port Groper v1 is written in python and requires python 2.7 (exe version does not require python 2.7 to be installed)

Features : 

  • Proxy communication using proxy lists
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Platform independent
  • Multi-threaded
  • Can spam/flood a website to increase hits and/or distort tracking information
  • Able to deny service on servers without being distributed (e.g. overloads a port to hog all connections)
  • Multi-threaded
  • Random user-agents

Platform : Windows & Unix/Linux

Download latest version : PortGroper2.0.1_java6.jar (42.5 kB)
Find other version |
Read more in here : https://sourceforge.net/p/portgroper