pgpdump is a PGP packet visualizer.

pgpdump is a PGP packet visualizer.

pgpdump is a PGP packet visualizer which displays the packet format of OpenPGP (RFC 4880) and PGP version 2 (RFC 1991).

– The first release of pgpdump was December 1998.
– The current version is 0.32 (31 May 2017); Changelog: Supporting “issuer fingerprint” subpackets.

pgpdump v0.32 2017/05/31

History of PGP format:
1. The comprehensive book about PGP written by Simson Garfinkel (O’Reilly) says:
++ “First Zimmermann wrote a paper describing standards and data structures for representing encryption keys, encrypted text, and signatures. The paper was eventually published in IEEE Computer”.
2. I guess the following is the one:
++ Philip Zimmermann, “A Proposed Standard Format for RSA Cryptosystems”, IEEE Computer 19(9), pp 21-34 (1986).
3. The first description of the PGP 2 format was written in “doc/pgformat.doc”.
4. RFC 1991, the PGP 2 format, was published in August 1996.
5. RFC 2440, the OpenPGP format was published in November 1998.
6. RFC 2440 has been revised by the RFC 4880 in November 2007.