PentestDB updates - Penetration test database.

PentestDB updates – Penetration test database.

Latest change 7/3/2016:
+ Scipt: update exploit; &
+ Exploit: &



Penetration test database for penetration testing provides common dictionary attack payload, webshell, etc., and include commonly used scripts.pen-py
With Feature:
1. Common script
Project python scripts provide helpful penetration auxiliary functions, the root directory script entry.
1.1. Dictionary database maintenance
1.2. Trojan generated image
1.3. mail account verification
1.4. Blasting mail account
1.5. CMS Recognition
1.6. generated password dictionary
1.7. URI blasting
1.8. Coding
1.9. decoding
1.10. Exploit function the exploit sub-command provides exploit related operations, comprising:
– Search exploit information
– Add, delete, modify, exploit information
– Perform an exploit
– Search and batch execution exploit

2. user-passwd dictionary
password directory that contains the password dictionary file, user directory contains the user dictionary file name.
3. dns dictionary
4. directory dictionary
5. attack-payload
6. webshell
7. script
8. exploit

pip install requests
pip install chardet


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