v3.3 All in one pentest bash script designed for bt5

All in one pentest script designed for bt5version3.3 Dependencies:

  •       nmap
  •       sslscan
  •       gnome-web-photo
  •       arp-scan
  •       dialog
  •       amap
  •       tree
  •       onesixtyone v0.8 (included with svn checkout)
  •       enum4linux and polenum  (included with svn checkout)
  •       make sure polenum is in your path and enum4linux points to
  •       backtrack users can apt-get install sslscan gnome-web-photo arp-scan dialog tree


  1.       add xmal to output from here:
  2.       ensure snmp get follows correct port
  3.       stop gwp from taking screenies of 3389/tcp
  4.       add ability to launch nesssus against targets
  5.       check if gnome-web-photo can follow redirects

ChangeLog v3.3 : – added custom onesixty one to scan custom ports

Put code in here :
Author: phillips321