pentest-mini-framework : Lightweight penetration testing framework (C++).

pentest-mini-framework : Lightweight penetration testing framework (C++).

Pentesting often means developing and deploying native C++ binaries. Repeating tasks include file & registry operations, process injection, acquiring system information, and so on… Since WinAPI is an API and not a framework like .NET, duplicate and boilerplate code accumulates.
Pentest Mini Framework is a collection of most commonly used API’s wrapped up in useful classes.

Pentest Mini Framework v0.7.2

– PayloadExe.exe; This executable can be used to test an *.exe payload and displays basic information.
– PayloadDll.dll; This is basically the same, but it writes the result to the registry. Very useful when executing under the SYSTEM user or a context without UI.
– Inject.exe; Simple injector. Arguments are Process ID and path to DLL.
– CreateProcessWithIntegrity.exe; Creates a sandboxed process with Low Integrity Level. With no arguments specified, cmd.exe is started. Specifying -u, will start the process with Untrusted Integrity Level instead of low IL.

+ Visual Studio

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