Pelt : Post Exploitation Linux Toolkit.

PELT is a collection of my Linux user space tools that are pre-built (x86_64) for easy access in the field.
What tools are in the PELT?
+ shelljack
+ mimic
+ set_target_pid
+ sigsleeper
+ pretend

The revsh tool is available in several Arch/OS combos:
– revsh-x86_64-Linux
– revsh-i686-Linux
– revsh-amd64-FreeBSD
In addition, the keys directory that is associated with these revsh builds is also available:

Source and Credit : emptymonkey

A Quick Note on Ethics From Developers:
I write and release these tools with the intention of educating the larger IT community and empowering legitimate pentesters. If I can write these tools in my spare time, then rest assured that the dedicated malicious actors have already developed versions of their own.