PaddingOracle – Yet another Python library for helping you exploit padding oracle attacks with aes 128 & 192 byte.

Padding Oracle This is (yet another) Python library that tries to ease padding attack exploitation.
Padding Oracle :
In order to use PaddingAttack you’d have to create an instance of the class using the following mandatory arguments:
+ The ciphertext
+ The IV
+ A function object callback
Optional arguments are :
+ blocksize, defaults to 16 bytes
+ debug lvl, defaults to INFO

A few words on the callback function
The callback function is used to abstract away how the exploitation is to be done from the actual mechanism(which is pretty much the same always). The callback function accepts as an argument a crafted hex-encoded ciphertext. The callback function is responsible for :-
+ accepting a crafted ciphertext enc_block
+ sending enc_block over to the server(via cookies, POST, GET, whatever)
+ gauging the response: If the decryption was successful and resulted in a valid message, return a 200 to the caller. If the decryption was sucessful(but did not result in a valid message) return a 404. If an invalid padding exception was raised at the server side, return a 500.

Note :
The PaddingOracle API deals with bytes. No input to the API should be in encoded form. Similarly, the ciphertext that is passed as an argument to the callback function will not be encoded. It is upto the user to use the appropriate encoding/decoding mechanism
However if you must, clone the repo, run python and python

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