PacketFence V.3.3.0 released.

A network access control (NAC) system featuring a captive-portal for registration and remediation, wired and wireless management, 802.1X support, isolation of devices, integration with IDS; it can be used to secure networks from small to large

Version 3.3.0 released on 2012-04-12
New Hardware

* AlliedTelesis AT8000GS Switches using 802.1x/Mac Authentication without VoIP
* Added 802.1x/Mac Authentication support for HP 2500/2600 switches (no VoIP)
* Cisco WLC/WiSM product line now supports RADIUS Disconnect (RFC3576) to perform de-authentication

New Features

* Introduction of Role-based Access Control. Supported on AeroHIVE, Aruba, Meru and Motorola (considered experimental).
* Wireless deauthentication in Master / Local configuration supported for Aruba controllers (or other Disconnect-Message implementations)
* New guest self-registration mode: Sponsored. Guests accesses are approved through a ‘sponsor’.
* New guest self-registration option: Pre-registered guests. They can register in advance through the portal. Email and sponsor modes supported right now.


* New database-driven custom VLAN assignment strategy example
* Slightly more helpful
* Added a virtual IP (vip) parameter for interfaces in configuration which overrides auto-detection (#1396)
* More logging
* Simplified inline mode with DNS rewrite (DNAT). Fixes several issues and annoyances. (#1374, #1387)
* New parameter available to control what information is mandatory to be provided by a guest signing-up (guests_self_registration.mandatory_fields)
* New parameter available to control default field to use as pid for guests (guests_self_registration.guest_pid)
* Node categories were moved from node into configuration on the Web Admin
* New per-category configuration to control maximum number of devices allowed per user (max_nodes_per_pid)
* Daemon startup time logged. Allows for easier troubleshooting of slow-to-restart setups.
* if VoIP is configured to be enabled and the network hardware doesn’t support it, PacketFence will log a warning
* Firewall and Captive Portal more restrictive by default if you are not using guest access
* Performance improvement for the RADIUS accouting (#1414)
* New hook to make it easier to rewrite RADIUS Access-Accept packets

Bug Fixes

* Proxy Bypass issues in environment with Virtual IP (#1385)
* Cisco 2950 802.1X Reauthenticate without VoIP issue (#1388)
* CoA RADIUS secret is lower cased (#1392)
* Username length on the Web Admin is no longer limited to 15 characters
* Potential (not-validated) cross-site scripting (XSS) in captive portal
* Mandatory MAC lookup in the self-registered guests pages
* Cancel button problems on SMS confirmation page (#1393)
* Documented the fact that you need to configure credentials in for Statement of Health (SoH) support
* Fixed port-security + VoIP support for the HP wired product line
* Minor Administration Guide updates
* Fixed CSS for mobiles devices

Follow the instructions provided in the Administration Guide available at:

Download latest version : packetfence-3.3.0.tar.gz (9.1 MB)
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