Operative v1.0b - The Fingerprint Framework.

Operative v1.0b – The Fingerprint Framework.

Changelog Operative v1.0b:
+ Generate new module file for developpers
+ Campaign function
+ Import of ‘export module’
+ JSON export module
+ XML export module
+ HTML export module
+ Shortcut launching
+ core/modules/tools_suggester

Operative v1.0b

This is only for testing purposes and can only be used where strict consent has been given. Do not use this for illegal purposes, period.

operative is a framework based on fingerprint action, this tool is used for get information on a website or a enterprise target with multiple modules (Video search,Linkedin search, Reverse email whois, Reverse ip whois, SQL file forensics.

+ Python 2.7.x
+ git


* core/modules/waf_gathering: WAF information gathering : need wafw00f
* core/modules/sample_module: Module sample
* core/modules/generate_email: Generate email with employee list
* core/modules/reverse_ipdomain: Reverse ip domain check (Yougetsignal)
* core/modules/search_db: Forensics module for SQL database
* core/modules/cms_gathering: Check if CMS is used (wordpress,joomla,magento)
* core/modules/viadeo_search: Module sample
* core/modules/whois_domain: Whois information for domain
* core/modules/email_to_domain: Get domain with email
* core/modules/domain_search: Search enterprise domain name
* core/modules/linkedin_search: Linkedin employee search module
* core/modules/https_gathering: SSL/TLS information gathering (sslyze)

Usage and Download:

Source: https://github.com/graniet | Our Post Before