OpenNIC Wizard – Beta – Simplified access to OpenNIC DNS resolvers.

OpenNIC (a.k.a. “The OpenNIC Project”) is an organization of dedicated volunteers who run an alternative DNS network. OpenNIC is owned and operated by the OpenNIC community. Membership is open to all who share an interest in keeping DNS free for all users. Our goal is to provide you with quick and reliable DNS services and access to domains not administered by ICANN.
Screen Shoot : Linux

Windows : 


  • OpenNIC service continually seeks DNS resolvers with best response times
  • No-pain approach to setting up your PC to work with OpenNIC
  • Task tray applet for observing and optionally tweeking the configuration

Download Latest Version :

Windows : OpenNIC Wizard 0.3.rc2.exe (6.4 MB)
Linux : OpenNIC Wizard-src-0.3.rc2.tar.gz (2.6 MB)
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