omphalos V-0.99.7-rc0 Released : network enumeration and domination

A tool for network enumeration, protection, observation and domination. Omphalos makes use of passive and active portscanning, DNS/DHCP/Zeroconf server interrogation, portknock detection, covert channel detection and establishment, ARP scanning, automatic WEP cracking, man-in-the-middling, and a whole host of other tricks.

General Features

Some planned, some implemented…

  • Modes of operation governing automatic behavior, from “Silent” to “Hostile”:



Operating characteristics

Silent Take no actions, only watch.
  • TX ringbuffers/sockets are not automatically created
  • No packets will be issued by omphalos unless requested
  • No automatic modifications to host networking state
Stealthy Take only the actions of a normally-configured host.
  • ARP queries will be automatically issued
  • DNS and Zeroconf queries will be issued, but only as the host is configured
  • No automatic modifications to host networking state
Active Learn what we can, possibly standing out from the crowd.
  • Make free use of detected information for further recon
  • No automatic modifications to host networking state
Aggressive Learn things quickly, in ways that will be noticed.
  • “Active”, plus…
  • Periodic and triggered wide-spectrum active scanning
  • Omphalos will freely manipulate host networking state
Forceful Actively disrupt the network, rerouting traffic through us.
  • Continuous scanning of the network
  • MitM automatically effected wherever possible
  • DoS will be employed to make MitM more effective
  • Omphalos will freely manipulate host networking state
Hostile Attempt to make the network unusable.
  • Same as “Forceful”, but don’t pass traffic along once MitM’d.
  • Actively employ null routing.
  • DoS employed upon network infrastructure, carrier, and and egress.
  • GPS coordination and tagging
  • Fully dynamic behavior viz the networking stack. Add and remove cards, routes, addresses…
  • Audiovisual plugins (FIXME detail! lots of good ideas here)
  • Event/scripting engine
    • Fine-grained MitM packet manipulation, filtering and generation via Parvenu and domain-specific languages
    • Fine-grained, one-click identity theft at any desired layer(s) (assumption of MAC, IP, cookies, etc)
  • Full integration with POSIX capabilities for fine-grained security (nothing runs as the superuser)
  • Covert channel detection at all layers via Zetetic
  • Opportunistic, secure remote control via liburine


Download :  omphalos-0.99.7-rc0.tar.gz (2.0 MB)

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