nvmtrace – Proof-of-concept automated baremetal malware analysis framework.

The detection of malware analysis environments has become popular and commoditized. The use of next-generation virtualization-based malware analysis technologies considerably reduces the number of possible transparency shortcomings, but still fails to handle analysis-resistant malware instances that will only run on physical hardware.The execution of malware on physical (or baremetal) hardware has traditionally been useful for one or a handful of malware samples of interest. However, this activity is often manually driven and time intensive (e.g., infect, study, format, reinstall). This projects attempts to resolve these long-outstanding shortcomings by providing an implementation of a scalable, automated baremetal malware analysis system, which can be constructed using inexpensive commodity hardware and freely available technologies..

Platform : Unix/Linux
Download :
nvmtrace.tar.gz (748 KB) 
nvmtrace.nfo   (10.3 KB)
Read more in here : http://code.google.com/p/nvmtrace/