powerfull and secure and cross platform file system, full featured CMS or portal using php 5+, will run on any server on windows and linux with php safe mode enable or disabled, with a flexible theme system and scalable for large community sites..

Platform : Windows & Linux


  • automatic site shutdown which disabled browsing if a config file is missing or corrupt, except for super administrators
  • cross platform using full or base drive paths for filesystem functions, the only flaw is not being able to write to created folders if safe mode is on, chmod works and sets to 777, but the group is wrong
  • cookie is stored as base64_encode( cipher( $data ) ); using a custom cookie key set in the sites main config, cookie data is stored, sent and received as a ciphered string
  • fully integrated directory manager and uploader, with extension control for all modules
  • full integrated forum with subforums and attachments
  • simple database manager with export/restore database or tables, run sql queries
  • resync module to maintain database entries and uploaded files, forum topics, news stories, and most posted items totals upto date
  • full shoutcast2 manager for sc_serv and sc_trans running on the same box as null nuke
  • full configurable sideblocks
  • configurable index via 100% customizable themes
  • full configurable mail system
  • full download database
  • full gallery with user created galleries
  • RSS feeds for news, forums and download categories
  • user level bbcode tag arrays
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