NSH OpenBSD Network Shell 20120521

NSH consolidates configuration for interfaces, bridging, routing, PF packet filtering, NAT, queueing, BGP, OSPF, RIP, IPsec, DHCP, DVMRP, SNMP, relayd, and NTP. It presents the user with a vaguely Cisco-like interface with all configuration in one easy to read text list. It also gives the user access to system information and diagnostics. NSH replaces the userland commands that handle these functions, and talks directly to the OpenBSD kernel (or to the control utilities for external managed daemons.)

Release Notes 20120521: Various fixes for GCC 4 and newer versions of OpenBSD. Pflow sender/receiver/version support. Fixes the ftp-proxy handler to not use match rules in anchor. Support interface MPLS and MPLS label configuration. New rdomain/rtable controls (per-route rtable, per-tunnel destination rdomain, and per-interface rdomain). A random lladdr option adopted from ifconfig. ldpd, iked, smtpd, and ldapd daemon control integration. A pfsync defer option. Setup for CARP balancing and carppeer. A GRE keepalive option. trunkproto has been fixed (trunk config works now)

Download : ftp://nmedia.net/pub/nsh/nsh-20120521.tar.gz.
Read more in here : http://freecode.com/projects/nsh