NSE-script for brute force open ports.

NSE-script for brute force open ports.

Brute force all services running on a target host. The results are returned in a table with each path, detected method, login and/or password.
This version include follow services:
– Cisco Auth
– Oracle Listener
– Oracle SID
– HTTP(S) Basic
– HTTP(S) Digest
– PostgerSQL
By default, user should have files with logins (“login.txt”) and passwords (“password.txt”) in the directory from which the script is run. Or use –script-args.

Requires :
– nmap
– shortport
– stdnse
– string
– table
– tab


Example Usage :

Script Arguments :

Example Script Arguments :

Hydra.NSE Script v-1.0:

Default Login.txt:

Default Password.txt:

Source : https://github.com/lelybar