nosqlattack - Automate some attacks against NoSQL-backed web applications.

nosqlattack – Automate some attacks against NoSQL-backed web applications.

nosqlattack is an application that tries to automate some stuff when testing for injection attacks in JS and NoSQL web aplications. Some of the functionality is targeted directly at the database, but most of the functionlity is targeted at the web forms and it tries to insert either JS or change the database query.

 nosqlattack v0.1.0

nosqlattack v0.1.0

Application Overview:
The application is written in Rust and is written with modularity in mind. There are two main functions:
+ Authentication attacks against the DB
+ Injection attacks against a web application

Authentication attacks:
Some high level traits are defined. Each specific DB-attack implementation must create these traits. Currently, only MongoDB and CouchDB are defined.

Injection attacks:
All attacks are defined in an .ini file, so new attacks can be created without re-compiling the application. The .ini file is parsed to create 1 or more attacks out of each defined attack. See more details in data/inject.ini.
The functionality of the parser is a bit limited, but it can still create some decent injection attacks.

+ Analyze web form so we don’t have to type that manually.
+ Specify exploit code .ini file so we can display an example of exploit code for manual verification.
+ Implement blind NoSQL injection for dumping the entire DB.
See “ServerSide JavaScript Injection: Attacking NoSQL and Node.js” by Bryan Sullivan
+ Inject in header fields as well
+ Add vulnerable example application

Usage, Dependency and installation:

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