NinjaFirewall v1.0.6 released.

————————-  C H A N G E L O G v1.0.6 ————————-
[+] added IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses support to the whitelist.
[*] leading quotes in GET/POST as well as CR/LF in cookies, referrer
and user-agent variables are now blocked rather than sanitised.
[+] added session_write_close() when redirecting from the login page
to the index one to prevent potential PHP lost sessions.
[+] security ruleset update.

NinjaFirewall is a powerful firewall software designed to protect all your PHP applications: custom scripts, shopping cart softwares (osCommerce, VirtueMart…), CMS applications (Joomla, WordPress…).

-Specifically designed for shared hosting accounts.

-Easy to setup; your PHP scripts do not require modifications.

-Works with any PHP applications, even those encoded with ionCube or ZendGuard.

-Specific protection for the most popular PHP applications.

-Stand-alone firewall; will not stop working when you upgrade your shopping cart or CMS software.

-Hooks and sanitises all requests before they reach your scripts.

-Protects against remote/local file inclusions, code execution, uploads, MySQL injections, brute-force scanners, XSS and many other threats.

-Fully configurable with high security advanced options.

-Management administration console.

-One-click security rules updates.

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