nighthawk 0.9.3 – Simple ARP/ND spoofing and password sniffing for Windows

Nighthawk is an experimental implementation of ARP/ND spoofing, password sniffing and simple SSL stripping for Windows.It requires WinPcap and .NET Framework 4 (Client profile) and works best on Vista & Windows 7.Features:

  • ARP spoofing (IPv4) and RA spoofing (IPv6) over local network
  • Password sniffing for most common HTML form fields (name-based matching), HTTP basic authentication, FTP, POP3, SMTP, IMAP
  • Basic SSL stripping (doesn’t work on HTTPS-only sites) and cookie stripping
  • Quick attack mode
  • Windows Phone application for remote access to sniffer results (HawkWP)

Changelog Nighthawk 0.9.3 (RC) :

  • fixed some WCF service related issues
  • updated HawkWP to 1.1
  • lots of bugs fixed, cleaner GUIcom/tools/2012/03/16/mercury/
Download : 
Windows Phone 7.5 (mango) client for remote access to sniffer results.
HawkWP-1.1.xap (167 KB) (437 KB)
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