Network Tracking Database v1.10.2 released.

What’s new in v1.10.2:
– See the UPGRADE document before installing
– Added dedicated NX-OS scraper, devtype nxos. Improved NX-OS support
for descriptions.  Old scraper still supports NX-OS but support will
be dropped in v1.11 in favor of the nxosscraper.
– Ability to configure use_trunks from the devicelist.csv file
– Improved secondary credential support and login error messages
– Added use_fqdn knob in netdb.conf to use the FQDN for switch names
instead of just hostnames (changing this on an existing database will
destroy historical data on switches because the names will all change)NetDBtracks all MAC addresses on your switches and ARP entries on your network over time. It supports extensive switch, VLAN and vendor code reports from a CLI or Web App. Can generate CSV reports, track the usage of static addresses and much more.

Major Features:

  • Track all entries in your MAC and ARP tables across your network routers and switches over time
  • Track the usage of static IP addresses and generate reports for static address recovery
  • Generate switch reports to recover unused ports or plan for network upgrades
  • Find all switchports configured for a vlan and find what devices if any have been connected
  • Find all devices on a VLAN and the last time they were online
  • Quickly track down a problem with a device and locate its current state on the network or last connected state
  • Includes a command line tool and an easy to use web interface with access control
  • Web interface includes sortable columns and access controls
  • Generate CSV reports from the web interface or the command line
  • Change VLANs from the web interface with access controls on a per switch or per user basis
  • Send Wake On Lan packets from the Web Interface to remotely wakeup workstations
  • Fast imports, pulls data from 1,000 or more network devices in under five minutes (depends on the hardware used)
  • Support for VRFs and almost every modern Cisco IOS and NX-OS device
  • Support for port security, port-channels and trunk ports for VMWare and phones
  • Optional graphing through MRTG to track the usage trends on your network
  • Optionally integrate NAC registration data to retrieve user registration information based on the mac address


  1. Runs everything as the netdb user
  2. Uses and/or SSH/Telnet to gather information from your devices and does not require write access
  3. Does not use SNMP, so no security issues or MIBs to deal with
  4. Web Interface has access controls to restrict the information users can access based on their userid
  5. Web Interface is hardened

Supported Devices :

  1. NetDB has been tested on these platforms and likely works on other Cisco devices:
  2. Cisco 12.2 – 15.0 IOS routers (2600/2800/2900) for ARP data (no switch module support)
  3. Cisco IOS 7600/6500 SXF and above plus VSS support (No CatOS Support)
  4. Cisco 4500 Family (4006/4506/4948)
  5. Cisco 3750/3560/2970/2960/2950 (anything using 12.2(35)+ will work for sure, most 12.2(25)SEE+ codes works, but really old versions have bugs in them)
  6. Cisco Nexus NX-OS 7000/5000 Switches and Nexus 2000 FEXes
  7. Cisco 2924/3500XL support for those of you with really old devices
  8. Cisco ASA/FWSM ARP table support (SSH Access Only, no telnet support)

Download : netdb-1.10.2.tar.gz (1.7 MB) 
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