NetSecLOS v-4.0 released.

NetSecLis a security-focused Linux distribution based on OpenSuse. It includes a range of penetration testing tools, and applications such as Metasploit, Wireshark, Etherape, OpenVas, Nmap, and many more.

Menu screenshot

Release Notes v-4.0: This release comes with LXDE, updates the GrSecurity kernel to 3.2.21, changes the name from NetSecL to NetSecL OS, ports the whole system to 64-bit, updates the Exploit-db repository, adds Metasploit with a GUI, integrates 0install, adds Mixer, Libre Office, GIMP, Dia, Inkscape, Evolution, Brasero, and more to provide the necessary tools for your office needs, adds Putty, Remmina, FileZilla, Pidgin, and more for remote access and management, and removes obsolete/old penetration tools.

You can read this on how to install NetSecL –
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