{bash script} V1.7 Released is a script in bash to automate some frameworks like nmap and ettercap,this script makes it easy tasks such as sniffing, MITM and DoS attacks inside the local network.

Operative Systems Suported: Linux, BSD, mac osx

0.Ping remote target or web domain
1.Show Local Connections (my pc active connections)
2.Show my ip address and arp cache
3.Scan Local network (search for live hosts inside local network)
4.Scan remote host (using nmap to scan hosts)
5.execute a Nmap command (direct from script shell)
6.Open router config page
7.Ip tracer whois (link to whois website)
8.WebCrawler (link to websecurify online-scanner)
9.DDoS java Script (link to a webpage in java)
10.fingerprint a host or a webdomain
11.Sniff remote host (using ettercap MITM poison) URLs visited (target URLs visited in the browser)
13.edit etter.conf (edit ettercap configuration file)
14.edit etter.dns (edit ettercap DNS configuration file)
15.DoS attack [local network] (perform a DoS attack to a target inside local network)
16.Compile etter.filters (edit and compile ettercap TCP/UDP filters)
17.execute ettercap filter
18.ports assigned IANA (show ports assign by IANA)

Download : netool.tar.gz (607.0 kB)
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