Needle V2.1 – Effective Unit Testing for Java EE

Needle is a lightweight framework for testing Java EE components outside of the container in isolation. It reduces the test setup code by analysing dependencies and automatic injection of mock objects. It will thus maximize the speed of development as well as the execution of unit tests.
Features : 

  • Instantiation of @ObjectUnderTest Components
  • Constructor, Method and Field based dependency injection
  • Injection of Mock objects by default
  • Extensible by providing custom injection providers
  • Wiring of object graphs
  • Database testing via JPA Provider, e.g. EclipseLink or Hibernate
  • EntityManager creation and injection
  • Execute optional database operations during test setup and tear down
  • Transaction Utilities
  • Provide Utilities for Reflection, e.g. for private method invocation or field access
  • Needle can be used with JUnit or TestNG
  • It supports EasyMock and Mockito out-of-the-box

Download Latest version :
Unix/Linuxjbosscc-needle-2.1.tar.gz (774.8 kB)
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