ndr - Network Data Recorder.

ndr – Network Data Recorder.

ndr is an network sensors and provides network scanning and upload to a centralized server. Written in Python, the recorder is designed to be a self-contained system that is “set it and forget it” with centralized management, automatic updates, and evolving threat detection.

ndr – Network Data Recorder.

Console Script Tools:
+ ndr-syslog-uploader: Upload a JSON-formatted syslog file for processing
+ ndr-scan-network: Intelligently scans the network with NMAP
+ ndr-enlist: Network Data Recorder Enlistment Tool.
+ ndr-process-message: Process a remote message
+ ndr-snort-traffic-uploader: Uploads SNORT all-traffic CSV files. If directory is specified, all files in that directory.
+ ndr-alert-tester
+ ndr-syslog-alertd
+ ndr-status-uploader

+ Nmap, snort
+ python 3.x.x.


Source: https://github.com/SecuredByTHEM