mitmprotector released – Protects from arpspoofing and Man in the Middle Attacks.

mitmprotector – protect’s you from any kind of MITM-attacks, arpspoofing, ettercap, sslstrip, droidsheep, zAnti, dsploit, etc.
Features :
– It use the arp command to compare MAC and IP -Addresses
– Execute Command (notify-send?) and Drop the Interface down by Attack
– Create a Firewall if arptables is installed
– Run as a Daemon or in Foreground
– Enable startup on each connect/disconnect from network

Configuration-File: /etc/mitmprotector.conf (after first execution)
Logfile: /var/log/mitmprotector.log
Pidfile: /var/run/
Install on Ubuntu:
$ sudo add-apt-repositority ppa:jan-helbling/mitmprotector
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install mitmprotector

Install on other linuxsystems:

$ pacman -S arp-scan arptables

$ yum install arp-scan arptables

$ sudo apt-get install arp-scan arptables

On all linuxsystems:
$ wget
$ tar -xf python-daemon-1.5.6.tar.gz
$ cd python-daemon-1.5.6
$ sudo python2 install –prefix=/usr
$ git clone
$ cd mitmprotector
$ sudo ./ install –prefix=/usr
$ sudo –foreground # This will create the configurationfile /etc/mitmprotector.conf
$ sudo nano /etc/mitmprotector.conf # Edit the configurationfile and change the networkinterface
$ sudo ./ install –prefix=/usr

First execution (it will create /etc/mitmprotector.conf):
$ sudo

Run mitmprotector as a daemon (with pidfile /var/run/ => use SIGTERM to stop it):
$ sudo –daemon

Enable mitmprotector-scripts to Ubuntus networkmanager or WICD:
(It will start/stop autmoated on every connect/disconnect)
$ sudo –nm-aoc

To Disable:
$ sudo –rm-aoc

$ sudo –help

platforms=[‘linux’,’freebsd’,’netbsd’,’unixware7′ , ‘openbsd’]

Download : Master.tar.gz
source :