Mimir - OSINT Threat Intel Interface.

Mimir – OSINT Threat Intel Interface.

Mimir functions as a CLI to HoneyDB which in short is an OSINT aggragative threat intel pool

– The purpose of this tool is to make intelligence gathering easier by including functionality to save the Threat Feed and Bad Host lists, and invoke either an in-script WHOIS lookup or Nmap scan to learn more about the target hosts. Logs are saved in the current working directory for future reference and further processing.
– HoneyDB provides a data visualization service, this can be accessed via Mimir by selecting their respective options. Selenium will then employ the Geckodriver to open the pages.

Mimir Beta

+ Python 2.7.x
+ honeydb api key, login here: https://riskdiscovery.com/honeydb/#login
+ pycurl, selenium, blessings, ipwhois & pprint python module:
+ Mozila gecko driver https://github.com/mozilla/geckodriver/releases


Source: https://github.com/NullArray