Mercury v1.0: Framework for hunters errors and vulnerabilities in Android

The Mercury v1.0 is a free framework for identifying errors and vulnerabilities for Android . It uses dynamic analysis of devices and applications on Android for better safety assessment tous.Entopizei well-known weakness for Android and provides evidence of how applications and devices they being exploited weaknesses. Easy Interface Extension allows users to create their own
custom modules and exploits for applications and scripts to Mercury Replace, using numerous tools.The Mercury allows the user:

  • To avail of the interaction processes, data acquisition, and content providers.
  • To access the operating system (you’ll be surprised how much you can still see)
  • To find information about the installed packages with optional search filters for better control.
  • To use embedded commands that can control weaknesses preinstalled services and processes.
  • Using tools to upload and download files between your computer and Android without using ADB (this means it can be done via the Internet!)
This demonstration shows how to find and exploit an SQL Injection vulnerability in Android applications using the Mercury.

Download : 
Mercury 1.0 (1.2 MB)
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