masc - A Web Malware Scanner.

masc – A Web Malware Scanner.

masc is A malware (web) scanner developed during CyperCamp.
+ Scan any website for malware using OWASP WebMalwareScanner checksum, YARA rules databases and ClamAV engine (if available)
+ Perform some cleaning operations to improve website protection
+ Monitor the website for changes. Details are written in a log file
+ Scan your site to know if it has been infected with some malware
+ List your local backups
+ Logging support
+ Backup your site
+ Restore website
+ Scan for suspect files and compare with a clean installation (for WordPress and Drupal)
+ Clean up your site to avoid giving extra information to attackers (only available for WordPress)

masc v0.2.2

+ Python >= 3
+ Some Python libraries
++ python-magic
++ yara-python
++ watchdog
++ termcolor
++ pypandoc

masc is developed under Linux and it has not been tested under any other Operating System.

Use and Download: