Manalyze - A static analyzer for PE files.

Manalyze – A static analyzer for PE files.

A static analyzer for PE files
Manalyze was written in C++ for Windows and Linux and is released under the terms of the GPLv3 license. It is a robust parser for PE files with a flexible plugin architecture which allows users to statically analyze files in-depth. Manalyze…
+ Identifies a PE’s compiler
+ Detects packed executables
+ Applies ClamAV signatures
+ Searches for suspicious strings
+ Looks for malicious import combinations (i.e. WriteProcessMemory + CreateRemoteThread)
+ Detects cryptographic constants (just like IDA’s findcrypt plugin)
+ Can submit hashes to VirusTotal
+ Verifies authenticode signatures (on Windows only)

Manalyze v0.9

Installation and Usage: