Lobotomy - Android reverse engineering tool.

Lobotomy – Android reverse engineering tool.

Lobotomy is a command line based Android reverse engineering tool.
+ Components: Enumerate AndroidManifest.xml components
+ Permission: Enumerate declared and used AndroidManifest.xml permissions
+ Strings: List and search for strings within the target application
+ AttackSurface: Enumerate the target Application’s attack surface through parsing the AndroidManifest.xml
+ Surgical: Find specific Android API usage throughout the application
+ Interact: Drop into an IPython session to analyze the target application in a more granular fashion
+ Decompile: Decompile the target application with Apktool
+ Debuggable: Convert the target application into being debuggable when installed on a device
+ Dextra: Wrapper around dextra for dumping odex and oat files
+ Socket: Find local and listening sockets on a target Android device


+ Python 2.7.x
+ virtualenv

Usage and download from source:

Source: https://github.com/rotlogix