Linux UDP Port Test – sendudp

Send UDP may be used to test UDP ports, in order to test if your datagram/UDP application works well, you’ll need to send packets to it and test if it receives and read the packets well, the best solution for you is to use sendudp, if you ever used telnet to test your stream ports/TCP ports then you’ll be familiar with sendudp, sendudp is an OpenSource tool you can edit it, customize it or just use it! sendudp is very simple to use even simpler that telnet, to use it you have to be familiar with the destination IP address, the IP could be v4 or v6, the PORT and you must define a message to test, here is an example:

Platform : Unix/Linux

sendudp -d -m “Test message.”

while {-d} stands for destination and port, and {-m} stands for the message to send, enjoy using sendudp and I hope it saved you time from writing your own UDP tester

Features :

  • Datagram socket connection
  • User-defined IP address, IPv4/IPv6
  • User-defined Port
  • User-defined Message to test

Downloadsendudp.tar.gz (5.7 kB)
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