Limited shell (lshell) V0.9

lshell is a shell coded in Python, that lets you restrict a user’s environment to limited sets of commands, choose to enable/disable any command over SSH (e.g. SCP, SFTP, rsync, etc.), log user’s commands, implement timing restriction, and more.

Install using the

This method uses uses python distutils to install everything in the right place.

Extract the files:

tar xvfz lshell.tar.gz
Then install lshell using the

sudo python install

python install –no-compile –install-data=/usr/{pkg,local}/


lshell needs a configuration file to start. By default, you can find lshell.conf in:

on *BSD
lshell configuration file includes 4 possible sections:

lshell system configuration (applies to all users, mandatory)
lshell default user configuration (applies to all users)
UNIX username “blah” specific configuration (applies only to user blah, more than one [user] section can be added)
UNIX groupname “blahgroup” specific configuration (applies only to users in the blahgroup group, more than one [grp:groupname] section can be added)

Platform : Unix/Linux
Download : lshell-0.9.14.tar.gz (38.8 kB)
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