l00httpd V-1.01 Released – to provide data security.

Perl based micro HTTP server with wikitext engine that runs on phones (Android ASE Perl) and desktops. Useful as personal information organizer. Also has blowfish to provide data security.Installation :

  • Download l00httpd_v1.01.zip or the latest release from https://sourceforge.net/downloads/l00httpd/
  • If you are setup like me, the data are in a separate directory and should have no compatibility issue; they are just simple text files after all
  • You need to install the Android ASE and the Perl interpreter
  • On Motorola Cliq, and probably all Android phones, unzip the content to /sdcard/ase/scripts
  • Move all *.pm to /sdcard/ase/extras/perl/site_perl
  • Unzip to any where on desktop computers
  • I recommend putting your personal data in the directory /sdcard/l00httpd; create it as necessary
  • Run l00httpd.pl from the ASE in background (Start in Background)
  • I copy to 00l00httpd.pl so it shows up aa the first file
  • Use a web browser and browse to http://localhost:20337
  • ID: p
  • Password: p
  • You can also run on desktop
  • Windows
  • You need Perl and Cygwin; but it probably will run without Cygwin and will just miss some features
  • Unzip content to say c:l00g33k and cd to it
  • perl l00httpd.pl
  • Browse to http://localhost:20337
  • Linux
  • Unzip content to /home/mydir/l00g33k
  • perl l00httpd.pl
  • Browse to http://localhost:20337
  • Fix up any path issues as the default is for the Android phone

Quick Start
Browse to http://localhost:20337

Download Latest version : l00httpd_v1.01.zip (195.4 kB)
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Read more in here : http://l00g33k.wikispaces.com/micro+HTTP+application+server