killchain ~ A unified console to perform the "kill chain" stages of attacks.

killchain ~ A unified console to perform the “kill chain” stages of attacks.

 ~For training purposes only.~
For Kali Linux: “Kill Chain” is a unified console that will perform these stages of attacks: Reconnaissance, Weaponization, Delivery, Exploit, Installation, Command & Control, and Actions.

KillChain Interface

KillChain Interface

Menu Options :
1) Tor — For the console build in anonymizer.
2) Set — Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET), attacks against humans.
3) OpenVas — Vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management.
4) Veil-Evasion — Generate metasploit payloads bypass anti-virus.
5) Websploit — WebSploit Advanced MITM Framework.
6) Metasploit — Executing exploit code against target.
7) WiFite — Automated wireless auditor, designed for Linux
~For training purposes only.~ Script: