Katana v3.0 Beta : Multi-Boot Security Suite Released.

Katana v3.0 Beta : Multi-Boot Security Suite Released.

Change Version 3.0 Beta:
– DefCon 20 exclusive release through Hackers For Charity
– Split up into 2 archived filesKatanapackages security / ethical hacking distributions (like Backtrack, Ophcrack, & UBCD) together with portable Windows applications (like Metasploit, NMAP, Cain & Able, & Wireshark) to run off a single USB flash drive.


  •     100s of security / ethical hacking tools
  •     Boot from multiple Live distributions
  •     Run hundres of portable Windows security application from a single flash drive
  •     Add additional distributions and portable application

Requires USB flash drive (or other disk) of size 8GB or larger formatted FAT32.

  NOTE: Some tools included in Katana get flagged as “hacker tools” by many
Anti-Virus programs. Make sure to turn off all virus scanner before install.

1. Copy the katana-v3.0-beta-1.zip and katana-v3.0-beta-2.zip files to the local

2. Extract the content of the Katana ZIP files onto the USB flash drive;
example “E:” for Windows OR “/mount/sdb1” for Linux. Make sure NOT to create a
subdirectory when extracting the ZIPs content.  Extract all files into the root
of the flash drive. If prompted, use the “write into” option to copy
files into already existing directories. Katana is broken into 2 files because
of its size. Extract both files to the directory in the same manner. There are
many files, so this may take some time.  When done, you should see about a dozen
files in the root of the flash drive.

3. Change directory to the freshly copied “boot” directory on the USB device.
(Make sure you’re in the “boot” directory on the USB device and NOT your local
disk! )

4. Run the following with Administrative privileges. For Linux/OSX run
./boostinst.sh, for Windows run ./boostinst.bat

5. Make sure the computer BIOS allows USB boot. Boot from flash drive. All Done! .

Download Version :
katana-v3.0-beta-2.zip (2.5 GB) http://sourceforge.net/projects/katana-usb/files/v3.0beta/katana-v3.0-beta-2.zip/download
katana-v3.0-beta-1.zip (3.6 GB)  http://sourceforge.net/projects/katana-usb/files/v3.0beta/katana-v3.0-beta-1.zip/download
katana-v3.0-beta-1.zip    0752763067e5c1eba3707c5356ccd567
katana-v3.0-beta-2.zip    ebc0c0279a0b4095f28dfd4121cebf40
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