Katana Framework build v0067 - The hacking Framework.

Katana Framework build v0067 – The hacking Framework.

Changelog KatanaFramework Core: Build:0067 21/12/16:
+ Added New Banner : Chapecoense commemoration
+ Added New Function : isPortLive, check port services.
+ Upgrading to Core: Build:0067

KatanaFramework Core: Build:0067

ktf.gui (Graphical User Interface for Katana Framework)


KTF Console

Katana is a framework that seekss to unite general auditing tools, which are general pentesting tools (Network,Web,Desktop and others).

Katana Module:

Katana Module

Katana Module

The Katana source code is organized as follows:
-KatanaGUI/ > Source code for graphical user interface
-KatanaLAB/ > Source code for katana laboratory
-core/ > Source code core
–core/db/ > Dictionaries and tables
–core/logs/ > Registers of modules
-files/ > Files necessary for some modules
-tmp/ > Temp files
-lib/ > Libraries
-doc/ > Documentation
-scripts/ > Scripts(modules)

Requirement : OS requirement: Kali Linux. Ubuntu, Debian

Usage Command :

Example Usage:

Example Usage:

Update :

Updating Katana

Updating Katana

Download : katana.zip | Our Post Before
Source :http://sourceforge.net/projects/katanas/