Jlsca - side-channel attack toolkit.

Jlsca – side-channel attack toolkit.

Jlsca is a toolbox in Julia to do the computational part (DPA) of a side channel attack. It supports:
+ Conditional averaging, for analog measurements
+ Conditional bitwise sample reduction, for whiteboxes
+ Incremental correlation statistics
+ Parallelization of all the above
+ Correlation power analysis (CPA)
+ non-profiled Linear regression analysis (LRA)
+ Mutual Information Analysis (MIA)
+ AES128/192/256 enc/dec, backward/forward S-box attacks
+ AES128 enc/dec chosen input MixColumn attack
+ Some whitebox models for AES (INV MUL / Klemsa)
+ DES/TDES1/TDES2/TDES3 enc/dec, backward/forward attack
+ SHA1 backward/forward attack (for HMAC)
+ Known key analysis + key rank evolution CSV output
+ Inspector trace set input and output
+ Split sample and data raw binary (Daredevil) input and output
Then, not really that related to this toolbox, but I’ve been playing with a Picoscope, and there is an example in examples/piposcope.jl that does (a quite fast, if I may say so myself) acquisition on Riscure’s Pinata board using the scope’s rapid block mode. Check the file header of piposcope.jl for more information.


– Julia Language https://julialang.org/downloads/platform.html

How to use:

Source: https://github.com/Riscure