iSpy Camera Security Software

iSpy uses your USB webcams, IP cams, capture cards, desktops and microphones to detect and record movement or sound and provides security, surveillance, monitoring and alerting services. Media is recorded directly to H264 mp4 files or AVI files. iSpy can stream live and recorded video over the local network, over the web using the ispyconnect portal and to mobile devices and third party software (like gadgets and MediaPortal).

Platform : Windows

iSpy also includes a server project that lets you connect to USB webcams and microphones running on other computers.

iSpyConnect provides subscription based SMS, MMS, Email, YouTube uploads and Remote Access. LAN usage of iSpyConnect is free.

Features :

  •     Motion detection
  •     Alerting (SMS, MMS and Email)
  •     Video Recording
  •     Sound Recording
  •     Remote Access
  •     Sound Detection
  •     Timelapse Recording
  •     Motion Tracking
  •     Object Counting
  •     Flash Video Conversion
  •     Online Access
  •     Save and Delete Captured Media Remotely
  •     Remote Control (over the web)
  •     Secured Connections
  •     Works with Dynamic DNS
  •     Movement Highlighting
  •     Multiple Area Monitoring
  •     Execute any File on Detection
  •     Password Protection
  •     Detect lack of movement (monitor machinery/ workplace etc)
  •     Support for many applications including security, UFO spotting and ghost hunting.
  •     Detect Loitering
  •     Zone Detection
  •     iphone and Android integration
  •     Streaming HTML5 video
  •     Automated FTP
  •     Weeklong scheduling options
  •     Free online access/ remote control
  •     Customisable backgrounds
  •     Built in LAN server
  •     Control cameras with PTZ
  •     Monitor, listen and record live audio over the network
  •     Auto upload or one-click upload to youtube
  •     Add active floor plans
  •     Pair microphones and Cameras for movies with sound
  •     Command Line Access
  •     Desktop Recording
  •     Desktop Broadcasting
  •     Mask Images
  •     Graphing
  •     Realtime alerts through the browser
  •     windows sidebar gadgets
  •     igoogle gadgets
  •     MediaPortal plugin extension
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