ipmems – Beta – Real-time data acquisition and visualization software

Cross-platform data acquisition and visualization software with an embedded HTTP/HTTPS-server, binary protocol parsing library, remote secure administration server, embedded Groovy scripting facilities and HMI (SCADA) visualization module.

Features : 

  • Embedded Web-server
  • Embedded DBMS
  • Remote administartion tools
  • Binary/ASCII device protocol parsing library
  • Real-time multi-threaded concurrent task scheduler
  • Groovy scripting
  • Multiple scripting engines support
  • Database foreign interface server
  • Gzipped text protocol interchange library
  • Full internationalization support (UTF-8 encoded resources)
  • RXTX (RS-232, RS-485) library bindings
  • Database synchronization scripts
  • XML preprocessing Web-server facility
  • SVGZ-format support
  • Dynamic Swing-based log viewer with the error tracking
  • Tray icon for Windows users
Download Latest Version : ipmems-src-11099-ce.tar.gz (121.5 kB)
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