IP Range Scanner2 Released

Scan a country IP/Mask file to save IPs that response OK. Contents of OK-response IPs can be saved if desired. A country IP/Mask file can be downloaded by searching country ip range.

Platform : Windows

Features :

  • Scan Country IP Ranges to save IP Addresses of servers that response OK to requests. Request contents can be saved too.
  • Sort tables in ascending or descending orders. Sort selected ranges for scanning in ascending order so that ranges have smallest total addresses can be processed first.
  • Browse saved contents
  • Specify mininum byes of contents to save to avoid Under Contruction Site or empty site. If the server does not set content length, the site content will be saved despite of the mininum bytes.

1. IPScanner2.exe can not use files in the Links folder.

2. To use  IPScanner2.exe
–  Put IPScanner2.exe in a new folder.
–  Copy  LoadHistory.table  to this new folder.
–  Copy all  *.table and all  *.table.files and all  *.table.Part* to this new folder.

3. Input can be links besides ip/mask.  To use links as input
– Enter each link (http: only) on each line. For example: http://www.xyzcompany.com

4. IPScanner.exe will cause out of memory, so use this new version.

5. After done with inserting, use INSERT INTO … SELECT DISTINCTROW …
to insert distinct rows into a new table.  This new table is good to use for web application.

6. I would like to show my search web application that have links by this tool:

Download latest Version : IPScanner2.zip 146.7 kB)
For more information, Email at : pv2sa@yahoo.com