iosec.anti.flood.php.v.1.0 – PHP Anti Flood Security Gateway Module

What does this module do?
This module provides security enhancements against (HTTP) Flood & Brute Force Attacks for PHP scripts.
Massive scanning tools (vulnerability scanners), HTTP flood tools can be blocked by this module via htaccess or iptables, etc.(“banlist” file)

Sample Admin Panel. Languages : Turkish & English

How can i use this module?
It is really simple! You can use this module by including “iosec.php” to any PHP file which is wanted to be protected.

Features :
At web application (scripting) level you can,
– Block proxies. (only via HTTP header)
– Detect flooding IP addresses.
– Slow down or restrict access for automated tools (HTTP flood, brute force tools, vulnerability scanners, etc.)
– Save your server resources (database, cpu, ram, etc.) under an attack.
– Restrict access permanently or temporarily for listed IP addresses in “banlist” file.
– Notify yourself via email alerts when attacks begin.

You can test module here:

Download : (138.7 kB) 
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