hostbase - A bash script for advanced rogue AP attack.

hostbase – A bash script for advanced rogue AP attack.

Latest Change/Update hostbase 11 august 2017:
– update of 11 august 2017: Added tracked channel.
– Update

Hostbase is A bash script for advanced rogue AP attack.
The script is able to:
+ Disconnect quickly the target station from the target network
+ Create encrypted fake WPA AP
+ Create heavy interference and replace the target AP by your fake (work only again windows system)
+ Ask to push te WPS button instead of ask the key which is very suspicious…
+ Switch between local and internet rogue AP
+ DoS attack tracking target AP on the master channel’s
+ Included airbase-ng cafe-latte fake AP attack again routers with hexadecimal passwords
+ Included hostapd multi AP option, that allow you to create multi fake AP (WARNING: to use this attack, CONFIGURE_DYNAMIC_WLAN must be compiled with hostapd install), if you only use the reposity version and not the latest version of hostapd you will have to change your MAC adress before use the multi AP option, please take note of that and see the manual. Included redirect option if you want to use your computer as an evil AP and a dd-wrt router as a repeater with a configured chilispot inside.

hostbase v1.0

+ build-essential upgrade-system subversion
+ wget g++ iptables iptables-dev pavucontrol
+ ffmpeg sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev libssl-dev libnl-3-dev
+ libnl-genl-3-dev dsniff hostapd isc-dhcp-server pkg-config
+ xterm apache2 php libapache2-mod-php php-mcrypt php-cli tcpdump
+ scapy vokoscreen wireshark python-twisted bridge-utils devscripts gengetopt
+ autoconf libtool make
+ git