horizon-box – Simply create and use PHP-shells and integrate exploits or admin-tools

Horizon-Box is an interface based on PHP which allows you to use and create PHP-Shells for penetration testing purposes or admin tasks e.g. automatically getting mySQL-database access information with a few clicks.
It’s modular and can be enhanced and customized easily.Features

  • dbCrack: auto-search for mysql configuration files
Sample Screen Shot. Written in PHP

Download : HorizonBox0.1 nightly 2012-06-02.zip (5.0 kB) http://sourceforge.net/projects/horizonbox/files/Horizon-Box0.1%20nightly%20builds%20%28really%20unstable%29/HorizonBox0.1%20nightly%202012-06-02.zip/download
Read more in here http://sourceforge.net/projects/horizonbox/